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as official timekeeper for the olympic games on 27 occasions since 1932, omega certainly has earned the right to get a little carried away with its commemorative, olympiad-themed limited editions. coming once every two years, these colorful offerings have typically been re-skinned versions of omega’s most popular sport watch collections, with details paying tribute to the host cities of the current games; like the maple leaf-inspired seamaster professional for vancouver, an aqua terra with a copacabana beach motif for rio de janeiro, and most recently, a planet ocean in the bold red-on-blue livery of south korea, of course designed for pyeongchang. but there’s a second, slightly newer, and lesser-known collection of olympic watches that eschew the aforementioned visual codes and dates tied to specific games. these are known as the olympic official timekeeper collection watches, which pay homage to the many different original analog stopwatches used to time the games, and today, we’re looking at the latest addition: the seamaster olympic official timekeeper.

欧米茄自1932年以来有27次作为奥运会的官方计时员,现在发布奥运会主题的限量版腕表当然是有话语权的。每两年发布一次,这些丰富多彩的腕表通常是欧米茄最受欢迎的运动腕表系列的翻新版本,其细节设计则向当时奥运会主办城市致敬;例如温哥华的枫叶海马专业版,里约热内卢的科帕卡巴纳海滩主题的aqua terra,以及最近在韩国当红的蓝色制服上的planet ocean ,为2018年平昌冬奥会设计的。 但是,还有一些奥运主题系列手表有一点不同和创新的地方,是不太知名的奥运主题手表,它们避开了上述与特定主办方城市相关的视觉特征和日期。 这些被称为“奥运官方时计系列”的手表,向各种用于各类比赛计时的原始模拟秒表致敬,而今天我们测评的最新版本就是:海马奥运主题时计。

as mentioned, the olympic official timekeeper doesn’t leverage any of omega's existing collections or design language, which has been the modus operandi for pretty much every prior olympic edition, save for the actual watches and instruments developed by omega for use by game officials. it’s these timekeeping instruments – the same ones used to measure the rise and fall of world records – upon which the collection is based. the last addition to this collection was inspired by the pocket watches built by omega to time the 1932 games in los angeles. this time around, this new seamaster took design cues from the dials of stopwatches deployed at both the 1976 innsbruck winter games, and the summer olympiad in montreal of the same year.


compared to the original 1932 pocket watch, it’s a decidedly racier, albeit slightly austere and modern aesthetic that seems to have more in common with speedometers of sports cars in the early eighties than timekeeping for the global olympiad. hell, if it weren’t for the olympic ring motif at 6:00 on the dial, the black-on-white variant could be mistaken for a vintage auto racing watch, or perhaps the spiritual successor to the original speedmaster racing in 3-hand form. either way, the source material for this particular watch was significant in that those stopwatches were among the last analog timing instruments used at the games before the full advent of digital timekeeping.


inspiration aside, it’s a design that omega has transferred exceptionally well to wrist form – particularly in the case’s restrained 39.5mm proportions and compact lug-to-lug length. par for omega’s modern mid-sized watches, the 8800 co-axial master chronometer movement is deployed (visible through the sapphire exhibition caseback), which has a date and 55 hours of power reserve, but lacks the independently adjustable hour hand. each of the five editions is fitted with a matching anodized ring (colored, of course to represent each of the five olympic rings) upon which the names of all the games omega has timed since 1932 are displayed.

除了灵感之外,欧米茄特别擅长腕表形式的设计 - 特别是针对表壳尺寸在39.5毫米以内的和表耳距离比较紧凑的。作为欧米茄现代中等尺寸手表的代表,毫无悬念的搭载了8800同轴大师精密计时机芯(通过透明蓝宝石表背展示),有日期显示并且配备55小时的动力储存,但没有独立可调节的时针。五个版本每一款表背都配有一个阳极氧化圆环(是带颜色的,代表每个奥运五环),上面则标识了自1932年以来所有欧米茄作为官方时计的奥运会主办城市和时间信息。

legibility is excellent, thanks to the high-contrast layout of the black dial center, white outer minute track, and flat paddle hands. you might notice how the black tip of the minute hand extends ever so slightly into the white minute track – a particularly nice touch that brings balance between the two contrasting dial regions. running the very outer edge of the dial is a pulse reader color-matched to the seconds hand, and separated by three 20-second timing intervals, enabling the wearer to roughly gauge their fitness by calculating their heart rate.


now, it’s probably worth mentioning that this is a seamaster in name only – aside from the signature twisted lugs, there’s nothing about the new olympic collection that would suggest any carry-over from omega’s current seamaster offerings (particularly as it’s only water-resistant to 60m). hell, being based on a stopwatch used to measure speed nearly defaults it to being a speedmaster, but that’s an argument for another day. it’s hardly a knock against the collection though, as this is ultimately a sporty and handsome watch in its own right, and one that should age with a little more grace than the more thematic olympic editions.

现在,要提醒你们一点就是,这系列腕表只是采用了海马系列的名字,除了标志性的扭曲表耳,这系列腕表没有任何欧米茄海马的标志性设计元素(而且这些手表防水仅仅60米)。 真是搞笑,以一款测量速度的秒表为原型设计的表款看起来明明就像超霸,不管了,改天再争论这个吧。尽管如此,这也不会成为不喜欢这系列手表的理由,因为它本身就是一款极富运动风而且帅气的手表,并且比以前那些古老陈旧的奥林匹克主题手表更优雅时尚。

as it stands, 2,032 pieces in each of the five colors will be produced, each individually numbered and carrying a price of $5,400. this is of course in reference to the year 2032, which, despite being 14 years from now, will be omega’s 100th year as official timekeeper to the games, making this something of a preemptive celebration.

就目前情况而言,这五款手表每只会生产2,032件,每件都有单独编号,价格为5,400美元 。参数设置为2032有什么寓意呢?尽管距离现在还有14年,是因为2032年是欧米茄作为比赛的官方计时员的100年,所以说这段是一个提前的庆祝活动。





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